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Who Are We?

Musica Vena is the Guitar Institute established in the year 1983 by Mr.Uday Madhusudan Kemkar. It has successfully completed more than 35 years in giving training only for the Guitar instrument. Musica Vena is the trusted and reputed name across pune for its musical education. At Musica Vena we have students from wide variety of backgrounds. We have students from all walks of life-like primary, high school, graduate and post-graduate students, doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, builders , housewives, IT professionals, retired personals and the list goes on.

What We Do?

Young or Old, Male or Female, Housewife or working women, retired personal or working professional there's no specific age bar for learning guitar. Today, guitar is the most famous and glamorous instrument in comparison with other instruments. Most of the time many people start learning Guitar with due passion but give up learning it later on. It's all because they don't see any progress in their learning. Then here comes the importance of right education with right teacher or instructor. This is the point where Musica Vena's role begins! At Musica Vena we have developed a very easy, fun learning, interactive way of learning guitar. By joining guitar classes at Musica Vena one can surely start learning guitar in 90 days period or even less than that. The program syllabus developed by Musica Vena's mentors has shown success among beginner guitarists of all age.

What We Believe?

At Musica Vena we believe in giving practical and experienced based education which only focuses on learning Guitar in a very innovative and creative way. Our mentors Mr.Uday Madhusudan Kemkar and Dr Mayuresh Uday Kemkar has developed entire guitar course curriculum in such a way so that any student can have in-depth knowledge of variety of music genres. Those who are willing to do specialisation in learning guitar can opt for specialisation course which focus various music genres like western music, western classical music, variety of world music, Indian classical music on guitar, rock and pop music , jazz and blues and many other famous music forms. Today Musica Vena feels very proud to say that most of the renowned guitarists who play with various famous singers, bands, or shows are the ex-alumni of Musica Vena!!


Mr. Uday Madhusudan Kemkar

Our Founder

Fondly called as “ मोठे सर” . He is famous for his rich knowledge of music and training skills. Though he is from Chemical Engineering background but has more interest and liking for music. During his early period he was famous for his extraordinary skills in sports. He represented his school and college for various basket ball and for kushti and won many prizes for it. Later during college days he developed interest in Drama and participated in many famous competitions. He got the special recognition for his performance in many drama competitions.

During his college days he developed interest in playing guitar. During those days it was not affordable to join any guitar class to learn this instrument. So he started learning it from his friend. During this period he started up working with ELANTAS Beck India Ltd formerly known as Dr Beck. He was the active member of one of the oldest and reputed theatre group called as Active Theatres. With active theatres we performed in a drama called as “अशी पाखरे येति ” with well known marathi actor Mr. Sudhir Moghe. For this he got special recognition and felicitation from Pune Municipal Corporation. But gradually other activities took back stage as his prime interest was music, Playing Guitar. During 1983 he formally started with Guitar Classes. But today those classes have become a big growing tree called as Musica Vena. The journey was not smooth but with his efforts, teaching method and with his genuineness he gained tremendous reputation for his exclusive teaching skills. Every learner can feel his genuineness for teaching.

Uday sir not only helps students to learn guitar in friendly and easy-going way but he actually develops their interest in this instrument. He actually makes students understand the importance of music in our life. He has special bonding with students of all age. Students never fear with him rather they feel very friendly no matter of their age. Today he is teaching guitar with same passion and liking for more than 35 years now. Most of the famous guitarist in Pune is his old students. To experience real joy in his class please visit Muscia Vena!!


Dr. Mayuresh Uday Kemkar

Keeping the Tradition

Medical practitioner by profession, Mayuresh is one of the famous guitarists in pune. He is extremely famous for his exclusive skills over playing guitar and teaching guitar. Though his father Mr Uday Madhusudan Kemkar was teaching guitar since 1983, Mayuresh took interest little late. But within short period he becomes passionate player. Mayuresh studied early lessons for learning guitar from his father Mr. Uday Madhusudan Kemkar and from Mr.Pradeep Pratanjekar. His guitar playing is strongly influenced by some of the international players like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Pettrucci, Kirk Hammete etc. Along with playing blues, Jazz, Metal and Electronica he loves and enjoys playing old Hindi Bollywood songs.

Dr. Mayuresh is famous for his multi personality role. As a musician he had rendered his guitar playing skills to many shows and various famous bands in pune. To name a few he is the active member of band “AADRA” and band “Madari”. Dr. Mayuresh participated in international global harmony fiesta which was held in Bangkok and won gold medal for his exclusive skills.

Today he plays as the lead guitarist for band Madari. Along with playing guitar he is successful in organizing Musica Vena’s trademark shows like Endearing Guitars and Orision.

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