Endearing Guitar

Endearing Guitar is the melodious journey of guitar instrument. Musica Vena started up with this unique concept of exclusively guitar show in the year 2009. With more than 25 guitarists on stage Musica Vena performed first time for the signature event of Endearing Guitar in 2009. And since 2009 this melodious journey is still on for every alternate year.


Oración is the Spanish word. It means the act of praying. Oración is the gifted event by Musica Vena students to their beloved mentors Mr Uday Madhusudan Kemkar and Dr Mayuresh Uday Kemkar.

In the year 2014 all students and aluminies of Musica Vena planned a very grand yet a surprising event to pay their respect towards their teacher. Since then every year Musica Vena celebrate GuruPornima with the trademark show Oración.

In this show Musica Vena give chance to each and every student to perform on the stage without any fear. Students at Musica Vena understand that performing in oración means easy way to get participated in Endearing Guitars!!

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