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Basic Guitar Course

Basic Guitar Course is designed for those who have never experienced anything into music but still have liking and interest for music. This guitar classes in pune will surely help you to develop your interest in the field of music. In this basic course learners will be taught basics of guitar, basic tunes, chords, some old and new hindi, Marathi songs & some English songs. This basic course will take around 5-6 months of time to complete. At the end of this course learners will be able to play guitar in some family function, school-college gathering, annual functions at corporate offices etc.

Advanced Guitar Course in guitar is specially designed and focused for those who wish to make their career in the field of music. Advanced course will take learners through wide variety of musical tastes. This advanced course in guitar focuses on classical music, jazz, blues, contemporary music and variety of other genres as well.

Advanced Guitar Course

Electric Guitar Course

Musica Vena is the first and the only institute in pune to introduce Elite Course in Electric Guitar. This course is designed for those who wish to make progress at a higher level in their performance. Electric Guitar Course will give the real time experience with Distortion, Wah-wah Effect pedals. Learner’s will get a chance to get in-depth knowledge of Rock and Pop Trinity College of London’s Curriculum.

Tapping, Whammy, Legato, Sweeps with through knowledge can give the learner’s the extra edge to rock their college stage or any other event. Also after the completion of this course students or learners are given the opportunity to perform as the lead guitarist in Musica Vena’s trademark show “Endearing Guitar”. Along with Acoustic Guitar Classes and Electric Guitar Classes we conduct specialized classes for Nylon Guitar where finger style guitar learning will be taught.

International Certification

International Certification

Trinity College of London is one of the oldest institutions in the world. Trinity College of London is famous for its unique, organized and specialized education in the field of Music.

Exam patterns designed by Trinity College are specially designed so that students can specifically focus on their interest. Graded examinations and other diploma programs offered by Trinity College of London are accredited by relevant UK regulatory bodies.

Trinity College of London conducts various exams in India for past 125 years. Every year thousands of students appear for variety of examination offered by trinity at various locations in India.

MusicaVena offers training in various grades and courses.

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